Hallo Readers,

Have you ever been hurt by someone or have you ever hurt someone? C’MON,  if you have never experienced both, you must be living in Mars or Venus.

Planet earth is made up of imperfect people, myself included. We all make mistakes and it is right to make as many mistakes as we can, but don’t keep repeating the same mistakes again.

Today I have a great desire of sharing with you how forgiveness set me free from my own captive. Yes, I have struggled with letting go of grudges and bitterness for a long time.

I was a drama-queen if anyone annoyed me or hurt me. I thought I was doing those people who had wronged me a great favour forgiving them, and whom was I to lower my ego anyway? “Can you feel me?”

However, little did I know how this made me unhappy, unhealthy and peace-less.

The worst to forgive is when your best friend betrays you. When that one person you trust most, and with whom you share your innermost secrets abandons you. It caused me so much pain in my heart and there was no way to forgive them!

I know you have gone through pain, and your story is different from my story. Right? One thing that we both have in common is, YOU and I have been bitter, upset and disappointed.

We both know that we should forgive, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do so. You need to make a very serious decision here. Remember, you are forgiving others not for their own favour but for your own freedom.

People are going to hurt and you will always face troubles. Nobody is perfect, so don’t expect people to be Jesus of Nazareth. He (Jesus) forgave all of them on the cross, even after going through all what he went through.

I have learnt how to professionally deal with people after annoying me, without letting emotions to control me.  I depend on God to give me grace to forgive others.

When you have bitterness and grudges in your mind, it’s like a poison in you, called hatred. Don’t let it steal your joy, peace and stop living in the past.

Since I started forgiving others, my life began to move forward. I have a peaceful mind – FREEDOM!

Every trouble that I encounter with human beings, is there to make me grow and to remind me to forgive.

Forgiving is one of my lifestyle too. I thank God for giving me a cleanest heart.

I want to encourage you today. I want you to forgive yourself and those who have wronged you for the sake of your freedom, peace and happiness.

Focus on your destiny and not your past. Jesus came to give us life and forgave us our sins. Allow Jesus to do a Re-Do in your life!

AND, if you want to be successful in life, FORGIVE!

Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment behind, or a testimony on how forgiveness set you free.

Always with much love
Grace Albrecht

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