What I would tell my younger self at eighteen!

Here are some of the things I would tell my younger self at eighteen!

1. I would never again try to master my life alone without God.  Yes, my life without God was made of hard work, tiresome days, fear, Sleepless long nights, toiling, and the worst of it all was that, the gain was so little.

2. I am not here to live a life of pleasing others.  Do not play your life stupid to be loved by others. Work on your best to be REAL in your true Identity and the right people will love you back.

3. I wish someone had told me the importance of “My Self” at the age of 18. Waaah, it’s a cruel world with a lot of responsibilities, but you are the source of everything and an expert of your own life. Whatever you are from the inside, will 100% determine how the world will respond back to you!

4. I would emphasize on the importance of taking risks. Success will never find you at your comfort zones. Breakthrough is mostly as result of risk-taking. Taking risks has made me grow, learn many things and gain a strong self-confidence.  Playing it safe will make you stuck and stagnant.

5. Other people may they be – a blood or non-blood relation – with me are very much important and everybody deserve to be respected. Despite the fact that you were born alone and will die alone, work on seeing you have a good relationship with ‘others’.

Fact is, we need each other, and you will always be somebody else to somebody else.

Finally, nothing would stop me for:


What would you tell your youngest self? Share it with us and let us learn something from each other.

Love you,
yours Grace

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Revealing my weaknesses to you.

Hallo readers,

What are your weaknesses. This is the question that always rings in my mind when I remember my very last J.O.B-Interview, seven years ago. I was almost running under the table.

Have you also been asked this question somewhere and how honestly did you answer it? Someone rolling their eyes. *Mmmhh*

We all have weaknesses as long as we are human beings living on planet earth.

Nobody can do everything perfectly, and thanks be to God. Even the most successful persons you may think of, have got their weaknesses. The only enormous difference between you and them is that, they are doing their best to become the best version out of their weaknesses. Did you get it right?

My believe is that every weakness can be worked on and turned into a strength.

Today I want to share with you two of my weaknesses, and how I have worked on them to be my strength.

So let`s go:

1. Shyness. OMG what a horrible feeling to owe. Who else here is familiar with this?  Shyness was softly killing my destiny.  Although I knew how my head was full of ideas, I could hardly share them with others.  I remember when I was to give my first speech in public. Lord have mercy, I spent the whole morning in the rest room due to stomach disorders with every uncomfortable symptom you can ever think of.  I mean diarrhoea and Co. Shyness controlled the whole of me.

I understood that I could never develop in my personal growth, if I continued being shy. I started looking onto the things that made me feel shy and I eliminated them step by step out of my life. Just to mention a few, not loving myself the way I am, accepting that I am not perfect and comparing myself with others. I started believing in myself and programmed my negative mindset into a positive one. Through this, I have been able to build a strong self-confidence.

What makes you feel shy? Reflect onto your life and say NO to this disaster. Insecurity leads also to shyness, so practice rigorously on those things you are not good at, so that you can do your best and feel secure.

2. Fear.  This disgusting agent of the enemy crippled inside me and paralysed every part of my body. I felt like I could explode any moment. Goose bumps running through my body now, by remembering how bad it was.  Fear was holding me back for many years from my success. I always doubted every opportunity that came on my way, out of fear of humiliation, fear of losing it all, fear of failing ectara ectara… and at the end of it, I remained stagnant at one point.

I am very grateful to that one morning when I woke up and realized that, I was not given the spirit of fear, nor is God unfair to give it to you. Today I can say, I have learnt to walk fearless, make wise decisions with a lot of confidence and conquer the self-made doubts and excuses. My trust in God is my shield!

Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving your dreams and goals like it did to me. God has greater plans for you, be ready to step out of your comfort zones and take risks. Put your trust in the Lord, for HE cannot let you go through what you can’t handle.

What is my point here?

We are unfortunately in an imperfect world full of imperfect creations. Frustrating at times, isn’t it? But the fortunate thing is that, God is able and we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us. The power is in what you chose to believe in.

You can unblock your own breakthrough limiting actions, if you accept your weaknesses, embrace them and know that in very weakness there is a hidden strength in it. Turn your weakness into your strength.

I am still not perfect and that is not my goal either, but I am no longer shy and fear is just a peanut to me.  I can at least motivate and inspire you to the extent of having your life being transformed.


Share with me your weaknesses, let us together turn them into your greatest abilities!

Lastly, you might be admiring me secretly and from far thinking how God has blessed me. Okay, you are right! I don’t deny that fact and more blessings on the way. BUT who lied to you that God ignored you? Don’t be deceived my friend. God is blessing people online and offline.

Live a life of expectations, play your role and involve God in everything you do. God want to blow your mind with blessings!

I love you,
yours Grace.

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