The Comparison Syndrome

Hallo readers,

When I was growing up, I compared myself with my neighbours or with my classmates. This gave
me that feeling that I was not as good as they were. I was unhappy and felt so inferior.
I found myself focusing and struggling on being like them.

Just another bad way of living.
Did you do this too or did your parents compare you to somebody else?

My mum was an expert in this, especially when I had messed up and she had to make some *noise* to me, (My brothers and I called it BBC-Time) and her every second sentence went like this, “can’t you be like so and so??” But what my mum didn’t know was that the parents of the “so and so” she compared me to, compared their kids to me too.

Ha-ha-ha, jokes aside. Parents only want the best for their kids.

What about some of the teachers who insisted that we should all in a class of 40 students, understand
everything at the same pace, and become number one. CMON Education-System, it is the high time you started chasing talents and attitudes in your students.

This can be more useful to the world. Don’t you think so?


Well, the bible calls those who compare themselves to each other #foolish.

If you want to welcome a disaster in your life, start comparing yourself to others. You will never be contented with whom you are and what you have. The comparison-syndrome might make you do crazy weird things. God forbid!

Realize that we all have different purposes here on this earth. The fact that you don’t have what your neighbour already has, doesn’t mean you are a failure. You are original in a unique way. Stop killing yourself by falling into this comparison trap from your enemy.


Focus on your purpose, recognize your identity and live them! SIMPLE!

Have a Comparisons-free day!

I love you,
yours Grace

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The Argument Syndrome

Hallo readers,

Let me tell you something that you probably didn’t know. Another relationship killer is the power of  arguments. Why am I saying this? Simply because I was once a CEO of arguments especially with my hero. Who else here like arguing, or find themselves into endless and pointless quarrels in their relationships?

This message is for you today.

When a disagreement between me and my husband came up, (I am not sure if I was not the one who initiated it) I pressed on arguing for hours. I noticed how mean I was, and my focus was on me winning that specific issue. What hurts me most was when he gave up and said, “You are right, I have my peace.” Damn!!! it was not about his peace but about me winning!! So, this gave birth to a new argument.

Call it foolishness and I will 100% agree with you.

Some degree of the arguments can turn to be very unhealthy for your relationship. They take you to that point of doubting your relationship, and wondering if you were both at all meant to be.

Here is the secret. As much as God want to bless his people, as much as your enemy is working on his goals -steal-kill-and destroy.

Don’t let your enemy make you his victim. Find out the reasons why you argue and work on finding out some productive solutions. Most likely, an argument is a just a symptom of the real problem.

Remember, nothing will change if you don’t change yourself first. Be the change first, you want to see in your partner. And if there is something am proud about myself is that, I don’t argue anymore even with other people with a different relationship like friends, family or with my business partners etc.


I love you,
yours Grace

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What Does The Mirror Throws Back To You

Hallo readers,

What do you see when you stand before your mirror? I recently asked one person this question and instead of her answering me, she fell into tears.

Unfortunately, most of us have been lied and are living a life of approving themselves beautiful to the world only from the outside.
They have therefore, lost their identity basing their beauty on their outside looks, spending money unwisely by buying expensive clothes, shoes jewels etc, where else they truly know that they are dead and rotten from the inside. Using tonnes of make-ups on your face is not the right option either, for the inner beauty will never shine through the make-up.

If the inside self is worked on first, you will then don’t need to do a lot on your outward. Feel beautiful from the inside, love yourself and know that you are unique. Here is the blog link on #selfLove: . Accept yourself the way you are, you are original, stop copying and pasting others. Work on you having a clean heart, sober minds and right attitudes.

The fashion and make-up industry does not tell the true you. Nevertheless, you have to feel comfortable in your clothes and make-up, and you can walk with confidence in them. There must be a good balance between the outside and the inside beauty. It’s my opinion!

When I accepted myself the way I am, everything else around me changed. Beauty is when a blind person tells you, “thank you that you were here, you are so beautiful”. And you go like what??? Or heeee?? Yes, because your inner beauty has touched their heart. What is in your heart? How do you make others feel?

Remember you have A DESINGER WHO loves you so much and unconditionally.  He created you in His own image, simply fearfully and wonderfully beautiful! Build an intimate relationship with HIM and date HIM for a conversation on daily basis.

Anything less than beautiful that the mirror throws back to you, is nothing but a LIE.

Don’t believe it.

Have a beautiful day,
I love you,
yours Grace

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Sex Is An Important Spice for Your Marriage.

Hallo Readers,

If you could get in contact with God directly, what question would you ask Him regarding sex?

Well, before I continue here are some cautions for you:

If you are…
-under eighteen: Please don’t read.
-in courtship: Read and take notes
-married: This blog is for you, read and get into action.
-singles: Read at your own risk.

After you have learnt how to professionally live with a stranger as a wife and a
husband, I felt a great desire to blog about sex.

I wholeheartedly believe that sex was designed by God for married people, and this is where
two people become one. To some of us, talking and thinking about sex is taboo, yet I know how frustrated, disappointed and unsatisfied they are in their sexual life.

How healthy would you consider your marriage as far as sexual intimacy is concerned?
Be sincere with yourself when answering this question.

Listen, sex is not only all about making children. It is a gift from God for husband and wife
to enjoy. So, stop trying to prove God wrong by ignoring your sexual desires.

I am not a sex-expert but I believe sharing this with you might spare your marriage,  and change
your sexual intimacy. I took a while to realize how sex is an important spice for my marriage,
and that sex is a two-way traffic.

We women, have the tendency of making things like kids and housework more important than sex, thinking that sex is only for him. Come on, tell me that you do not enjoy it.  Your participation is here very much needed. It is giving and taking!

Do not just wait and expect your husband to be the one who always does the initiation. Seduce him and crave for it!

Send your kids to their grandparents or aunties over the weekends or holidays and enjoy some wild sex with your husband.

Pray for your marriage and your sex-life. We are told to surrender everything to God. God is the Creator and Founder of sex. Putting God first in everything you do, for this case sex, will make you have the most amazing intercourse you can ever think of. “Halleluyah”

Remain to be that lady he was dating before you married, at least a little bit, if not all. Remember how smart and well-dressed you went for the dates. Marriage is not there to make you look older than your age.

What happened to you after you married? You look 50 at the age of 30, you wear some funny stockings on your head for the night, you wait till he gets home late in the evening for you to go take a shower.  You hardly wash your hair-extensions or your weave-on due to worry it will loosen up or get damaged, before the time expected for it to expire on your head. Your husband want to lie close beside you, holding you tight in his arms. Do not chase him away with your bad odours. “oouuch”

The saying that say`s “you eat with your eyes first” must be familiar to you.  Practising a good impression etiquette will make him never lose his affection on you for somebody else.

Remember that the stupidity of a man is covered by a woman.  Built up your marriage by supporting each other. Ask God for wisdom and use the bible principles about marriage.

Your bedroom is not your courtroom where you bring all the quarrels, disappointments and the frustrations you gathered all day long. It’s your room for intimacy and love. So, please talk less!

Make a habit of pampering each other and loving each other unconditionally. Study each other well, that’s why you are married for God’s sake. Do those things that makes her/him feel good.  You were born creative, show your creativity in your bedroom. Monotonous is boring and can be deadly.

Husband, a wife is a fragile creation. Even though the bible say’s that our bodies no longer belong to ourselves but the body of the wife belongs to the husband, please come slowly. Stop jogging horizontally and up and down on her without care. Do it with tenderness and mind how she feels.

Speak and discuss with each other about your feelings. I know this might sound awkward, but an open communication allows your hearts to be bound tighter and together. Share about your intimate needs, your comforts and discomforts.

Have both of you ever tried saying a prayer before sex? If not, please try it. God is ready to listen and to meet your heart desires. “ask for more fire!!” 😉

Every marriage has it’s own challenges, but if your desire is to have a godly marriage, you and your spouse must be spiritually stable. Work on yourself getting better personally-spiritually and let God lead in your marriage!

Woman, be a prayer warrior for him!

I want to conclude by saying that sex is an important spice for your marriage and a vital supplement for both your mental and physical health!

You can’t live without sex and if you can, ask God to give you 100% Self-control!

Don’t leave without sharing your opinions or your experiences.

I love you,
yours Grace.

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