My Miracle Word-Gratitude

Hallo readers,

One of my friends was complaining how I like saying “Thank you,” and this motivated me to come up with this blog.

I am so excited to let you know how gratitude transformed my life.

I was not born practising gratitude but I made a choice to take everything that happens in my life, may it be positive or negative, just not for granted.

Seriously Grace, is it possible to say thank you even when things in life are turning upside down?  I know how hard and tough it can be, but appreciating your hardships will do miracles in your life.  Just try it.

Gratitude has made me accept the fact that the storms will come- bigger and small ones, and they are there to make me stronger. In fact, they meet me prepared enough to say, thank you that you came Mr. and Mrs. Storm, meet Grace your student!

We human beings tend to always complain and blame others for our failures. The very first people whom God created blamed each other and the enemy for the sin they made in the garden Eden. And the Israelites spent 40 years wandering around in the wilderness because of complaining and blaming others. What if they showed God a little bit of gratitude, for having set them free from the slavery?

What does that teach us? Please think with me!

Now, look onto your life?  I don’t think you want to spend 40 years like the Israelites in your wilderness. Do you? “God forbid”.

Complaining opens a door for the enemy to attack you more and to keep you stagnant at one point.

What you don’t see through the hardships is the development taking place in you. Hardships make us learn how to walk fearless and they draw us nearer to God.  After all, all things work for our own good and for the glory of God. Say Amen!

Gratitude has enabled me to have a positive mindset, which helps me to afford a smile even when the outcome is the least I expected. I know that, what I might be considering to be a “bad day”, would be a great day for somebody else somewhere.

Everybody loves to be appreciated. Say a heartfelt “Thank you” to others and let them know how you feel from what they contributed.

Faith is seeing things that you are asking God for, like HE has already granted them to you. How? Starting thanking God for the things He has done for you, and for the things HE is yet to do for you!

If you want a successful life, you must learn how to be grateful. Make gratitude your attitude, adopt it, marry it, inherit it and LIVE IT! It will cost you nothing but will make you happier.

Today, I am grateful for my life and for you. Thank you so much for reading this blog, commenting, sharing, loving and liking it. Trust me I don’t take it for granted.

Thank you my friend for inspiring me to write this blog!

With a lot of appreciation and love
yours Grace

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