My Name Is Cooler Than Yours; Check it out!

I have a confession to make today. As I was growing up I didn’t like my name so much, since many people were called Grace especially in almost every class I attended in school.

It was the most common name during my time next to Mary. My classmates and teachers were forced to use both my first and surname to differentiate which Grace they meant. Worst was when the surname wasn’t any better either…Lol, those who schooled with me knows what I am talking about here.

I am wondering if you have ever disliked your name at some point like I did? Or have you have ever wished you should have been called Glory and not Grace, Jenny and not Jennifer, David and not Dennis, just for example?

Unfortunately, you and I were not given the chance to choose the names we would like to be called and carry it with us the rest of our life here on planet earth. Our parents did their best by picking the best names for us, we trust!

A few weeks ago, I was so much interested in knowing more about my name. It would be of much help probably, if I could have the chance to discuss it with my mum. But today my mum is a late mum and the answer I got from my dad was not all that satisfying. So, I ended up “bible-it” from the google.  Amazingly, I was positively surprised to all the pretty nice meaning that I found out about the name Grace.

Did you ever think of checking what your name really means? Well, I don’t want you to be shocked after you find out the meaning of your name. Neither do I want you to start changing your name. It will cost you money, time and a lot of nagging paperwork especially if you are based in Europe like I do.

The beauty of everything is that God has a secret name for each one of us. Your new name will describe more of your character and your God given purpose. For example, God changed Sarai, meaning “argumentative” – to Sarah, meaning “princess”.

Today God want to change your name. You shall no longer be called Depressed, Alcoholic, Wounded, Looser, Outcast, Lonely, afraid, Ugly name it all! Your new name shall be Confidence, joyfulness Overcoming one, Conqueror, Winner, A friend of God, Woman/Man of great faith etcetera, etcetera.  Wouldn’t you love it?

In the real life, we give each other nicknames based on our characters. I have also observed that the closer we are to people, the less we call them by their birth names. The intimate the relationship is, the sweeter the nickname sounds.

Names like Honey, Babe, Sweetheart, Angel, Darling, Dear, Papi, Wa-Mother, (hihihi), Schatz for the Germans, to an endless list.

And so, it is with God. Seek a deeper and closer relationship with Him. God is still in the business of changing people’s names like we can read it in the bible how He gave many people new names.

Today I love my name so much and I wouldn’t trade it for something else. However, God has given me a brand-new name. My secret name based on my God given purpose.

Have you discovered your purpose? Do you know what name God calls you? I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I love you
Yours Grace.

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Is The God You Serve Limitless?

You and I can agree that God is limitless. Right?

But how can we be talking of a limitless God when we are surrounded with a lot of limitations. Accumulating debts, broken marriages, jobless, sickness and the rest of the limitations. Can you relate with this?

I was reflecting unto my past life and I discovered how I sometimes felt limited. My desire today is to share with you why I found myself in the limited-situation.

1. I wanted to grab it all from God without doing anything. I was that lazy christian who never spent time to seek God in prayer. A two minutes prayer in the morning and in the evening, was too much for me. I was good at requesting others to pray for me and my needs.

Most of the times I said the “Our father -Prayer” and even fell asleep before I was done reciting it. After all, my pastor prayed for his church members I included.

However, God does not function that way. He wants you and I to seek Him constantly. God is not bound to limitations, He is a good God. If you can afford to spend hours on social media, you can also afford time for the one who created you and is the Giver of time.

2. I had bought up the tricks of the devil. The same things I prayed for, were the same things I found myself worrying and complaining about. I often found myself saying “this and that will never be”. Mmmmh really?? If it is aligning with the word of God, nothing is impossible with Him. It is a lie from the devil to keep you in your limitations.

The devil is going professional with his tricks and lies, so you better go professional in your prayer life and outsmart him. Learn how to position your prayers with expectations.

3. The devil had done a pretty good job of letting me compare my life with the life of others. I felt like my progress in life was moving at 10KM/H, while that of others was at 100KM/H. So, I wanted to accelerate my life immediately. Unfortunately, I accelerated with the wrong speed and as a result I was stuck into huger limitations.

Let the will of God be done in your life. It is His Speed and not your speed. Patience is a fruit of the Holy spirit that you need to pursue.  Don’t deceive the Holy Spirit.

4. My ego held me back from asking for help. Some of the answers to my limitations were just next door. But what would they think about me if I asked them for help. Trapped in anxiety caused by ego, I remained stuck.

The bible tells us to ask and we shall receive. God will use ordinary people to settle a certain issue in your life. We are the body of Christ and we need each other. After you have said your prayers, go out there and ask for help.

As I continued to do my reflection, I realised that I was the main reason of my limitations. There were some bad habits that I had formed which sabotaged my progression in life. I had limited God.


Tell me about yourself. Do you feel limited in anything in your life? Would you like to change anything? May it be a habit or a belief-pattern? Through sharing, you can get a solution. Comment below or hit my inbox.


I love you,
yours Grace

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