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you will perhaps agree with me when I say,”I find we – humans very interesting”. Would you? We have a very deep desire of connecting with others to fulfil our incompleteness. Our wellbeing, our happiness, or our security depends very much on the kind of relationships we

Somebody said, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” There is so much truth in this saying because the quality of the life you are living today, may be as an outcome of the kind of people you groove with.

Every relationship we create is there to complete a certain need in terms of socially, physically, financially, emotionally and so on. We can, therefore, never for heaven sake miss to relate with each other.

However, it is in the same relationships that you strive to engage in, that betrayal and frustrations are mostly found. What happens here? Someone get me an answer please? These are the same people you trusted and felt so secure in their presence. Now they have rejected you and broken your heart into pieces. “Hallo”. Can you now understand me when I say, “I find we humans” very interesting?

Question: Do we expect so much out of the relationships we make but receive so much little out of them? (Answer me in the comments, I will appreciate your opinion)

Well, I don’t know about you but I have been betrayed. The last betrayal that I experienced was extremely hurting, I felt awful, worthless and there was a deep wound in my heart. I could not understand what had happened and how it happened to me. I wasted a lot of my time and energy trying to understand and figure out where I had gone wrong.

A year was gone and I just hoped it wasn’t true. I just hoped I could rewind the whole story.  To some point, I was confused and was even not entirely sure if I trusted myself either.

The betrayal wound had grown bigger, necrotic and it was bleeding deep red blood. It was inflammable and painful. It was a battle that I fought in my heart.

“Ever gone through a betrayal-battle?

As I was in the midst of looking for answers with sleepless nights, I felt a tap on my shoulder that changed the whole story. It was soft and lovely with an unforgettable voice that said: “hallo Grace, I can feel your pain. My name is Jesus and I just want to remind you that I was also betrayed by one of my disciples. You are not exceptional, so consider my words, forgive and move on”

What??? Forgive?? The only thing I needed was a revenge. Are you serious Jesus?

I will be cheating if I told you that this was easy. However, let me confess it to you that it was the only right medication to heal my bleeding wound. Thank you, Jesus, for setting a good example to my life. I have understood that there will always be a Judas somewhere to betray us.  May it be in your relationship, friendship, workplace etc etc.

Could this be God’s plan unto our life? How do we react to betrayals?

Every experience you make in your life, will always contribute to the person you become. You have the choice to either respond to it or react to it.

I decided to live and enjoy life. Forgiveness set me free by giving me a peace of mind. I said a big NO to becoming a victim of betrayal.

I have found out that God has highlighted challenges and trails – betrayal being one of them – in His plan for us. He has a GPS and he knows where He is leading you to.  My betrayal was an opportunity for me to develop and grow.

My last word for you is this. Learn how to trust God and put Him first in everything you do. Judas was found in a team of only twelve disciples, so how many of the Iscariots will be found in the people you love and trust most. I believe that your list is longer than twelve. Right?

Human beings will always disappoint you, God will never disappoint you. No one owes you anything not even your success.  You have the responsibility of finding out your God’s given purpose. Stop fixing your mind, energy and potential on a closed door. Learn from losing and move on!

I love you,
yours Grace

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Forty Days To Calvary!

Have you ever read a book and you feel like you are reading your own personal story?

Well, I did.

After getting my belly full with a healthy breakfast, I jumped in my home-wear and I was ready to rock the day on my couch, reading a book.

OMG, did somebody sneak into my life and wrote a book about it?

It is very inspiring to read a book that discuss human obstacles in a relation to biblical perspectives.

I am talking about the book “From the Inside Out: Forty days to Calvary”, written by Laura Ngaba Tinzoh.  This book will keep you wanting to read more and more. I just couldn’t get enough of my “own story” being narrated by somebody else. It is just the right blend of reality and bible teachings that if applied, can transform your life.

Life presents itself with a share of challenges. Laura shares her part of challenges in the book, and how she conquered each one of them. She reminds us that at times, hardships are there for a specific purpose.

I personally feel so much blessed having read this book. I am in love with it. Thank you, Laura, for giving me a deeper meaning, of what fasting is. I have been fasting almost dairy, abstaining myself from all the negativity and working on a beauty that comes from the inside. (Mind you, I don’t mean abstaining from food.)

As a blogger, I have been sharing my own life experiences. Life challenges have given me the opportunity to view life in a different and a better perspective, as well as to think beyond my little world.

At times we try to solve problems relying on our own style of stubbornness, only to find out that we keep failing. Laura takes us through the scriptures and gives us practical examples, on how to rely on God as we face the difficulties. Very inspiring and encouraging!

If you are going through some challenges and you don’t know how face them, this is the right book to read. If you have been desiring to live a life being led by God, this book is highly recommended for you.


Grab yourself a copy:  https://amzn.to/2Nrg2Ed

I love you,
yours Grace.

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My Journey Finding My Purpose.

Hallo readers,

have you ever asked yourself the reason why you are here on this planet earth? Why do you occupy that specific space anyway?

If your answer is yes, let me welcome you in my boat.

I thought I had discovered my purpose on the job I did, only to find out that there was a different and a unique reason as to why I existed.

It was rooted so deep inside of me that life was a matter of only focusing on goals and dreams, to find happiness. Although I achieved most of my goals successfully, I still felt some emptiness in me. I was exhausted and life felt meaningless.

I wanted to do more but I was not sure in which direction.  Terrifying, isn’t it?

I will share with you the steps I took, to finally find the right direction to my life’s purpose.

1. Even though I felt like God had forgotten me in finding my purpose, I still had a strong desire of seeking Him. I knew that He created each one of us in His Own Image, and fulfill a certain purpose. It would be of disgrace if He allowed me to miss my purpose. Do you think like me? This gave me hope and I knew that God will never frustrate me.  I kept seeking Him!

2. Self-discovery. Let me confess it to you that I was broken, frustrated, embarrassed and faced a lot of disappointments. I lived a life of compromising, thus being stuck and messy. I just existed and sympathised with what others wanted me to do. I reached to that point where enough was extremely enough, and I was fed up with a life of “what if” and regrets. You can’t build your purpose on a fake, weak and a toxic foundation. You have to be real. God is ready to transform you and make a diamond out of you.  I allowed Him to transfrom me!

3.Career vs Purpose. I discovered the difference between these two things. Life purpose is much bigger than your career. We waste a lot of our precious time looking for perfect jobs. But at the end of it all, if we truly listened to our hearts, we still have a feeling of dissatisfaction. Questions like, “what do I enjoy serving” and “what do I care about”, helped me to tap into my purpose.

However, you can use your career like a playground, where you exercise your purpose. My career as a head-nurse helped me to exercise how to communicate with people of different personalities, how to encourage others with different challenges and many more. I have had the opportunity to exercise humbleness and love, till they became my first name. You were created to do more in life than a 9-5hrs job! Go for it, just like I did!

4. Identifying the limitations that held me back. I had to deal away with the spirit of fear which also stole away my self-confidence. I came up with a lot of excuses as to why I never got started. Keep doing that what you fear most. ( See more in my blog-articles on perfectionism, Self-doubt, Comparison)

5. Connecting the dots. It is not in my career that I was great in, but in my art of communicating with others, my way of serving patients and my workmates, my joy in encouraging, motivating and inspiring others. This is what I love doing. When I connected them altogether, I found out that I can write inspirational articles, tell stories and make a transformation speech. “See me tapping my purpose”.

Fact is, you are here to fulfill a certain purpose. You have something greater to offer than your career. You are unique with a special gift. For God knew you, even before you were formed in your mom’s womb. Get it right! It doesn’t matter if you are as result of rape, an unwanted child, divorce-kids etc. God wanted to get you in this planet earth, with a plan to prosper you.  Your how “you landed here” should not limit you, to live your purpose.

Are you living your purpose? Do you feel confused like I was? Drop me a mail and let us discuss it.

God loves you.

Yours Grace


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Check it out ladies, this is what turns him on!


I am 100% sure what came up in your mind after you have read this title. I should probably give you a credit for that. Yes, it is time for bedtime stories but just a little bit.

Well, Ladies we love to be treated with tenderness and like princesses. Right? What about us lowering our pride a little bit and frontier to treat him like a prince. Trust me, he will love it.

I have read that lioness are fiercer than lions. Have you heard about it too? “Please correct me” So, you can see that you already have the potential to drive your husband wild in your bedroom.

To remind you before I continue, God is the creator of sex and HE cares so much about your sex-life.

Today I want to share with you some simple tips with an enormous impact in your sexual-intimacy.

1. Pray for him: I had mentioned this in my earliest blog. Understand that prayer is the best weapon even as far as sexual-intimacy is concerned. Prayer brings God’s Glory in your bedroom.

2. A smile with a stare into his eyes: As simple as it is but as powerful as it can be.  As you do it, let love flows out of you as you keep enlarging your smile. Think of the craziest moment you ever had together. Make it a little bit sexy. Leave him guessing why you were smiling as he craves more of you.

3. Make time for him: He is not your last-minute chores. Stop make your own assumptions that his interest is only in sex. There is the bedroom talk as well as the foreplay.  Be full committed.

4. My husband’s gratitude-love journal: Men do brag about their wives. Sometimes it makes me feel shy when he talks about me, but it feels great. Make sure he has a good reason to brag about you. Make a list of the things you are grateful for, the things he does for you, even if tiny things.

5. Wearing his shirts or T-shirts. Well, I don’t know about the height of your man. My husband’s shirts look like a mini-dress on me. Try this one, it’s an effective turn on.

6. Be real and be yourself. Especially for those who are still dating or in courtship. Let him see the real you without make-ups and in your natural hair. Feel comfortable in your skin and in the way God created you to be.

7. Express loving thoughts inform of compliments. It is not only you who likes to hear a compliment. Men love it too. Check on his body and compliment him or on what he can do at his best. Consult the book of Songs of songs in the bible for more wisdom.

8. Give him that feeling that you really care and love him even when he is away at work. Text and ask him how he is doing. Bring something he loves with you from the stores. It might be an “After-8” chocolate.

I know that life can get us busy, but we must stop for a while, create time for the most important things in our life. That man in your life is not just a “somebody” but a fabulous God-given lifetime partner of yours.

Let him feel appreciated.

Share your own tips, I would like to try them out.

I love you,
yours Grace.

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