The Self-Doubt Syndrome!

Hallo readers,

Tell me this could be YOU today! Somebody just reminded me of how I was coward during my school time.
For sure, I was!

This is what my inner voice kept saying to me: “I am a failure, I can’t make it, I can never be better, what will other say about me, I am not good enough, it is not my thing, I am not sure, may be,” to an endless list.

Is that what your inner voice is whispering into your ears today?

This stupid inner voice criticized me more than the half of my life. Oh God, how terrible.

And if one is not careful, self-doubt can become a part of you. You end up believing  in the self-defeat prophesy about yourself.

I doubted almost everything about me. I doubted my ability to do anything, I doubted if I was admirable, I doubted even what I thought, I doubted my choices and my chances. I finally found myself getting nothing started and was so much afraid of taking risks.

The same somebody went on and asked what I did to conquer the coward-ness? “She can hardly believe it is me today” Of course, that was the un-expressed version of the person I wanted to become.

Firstly, the only “I” that exist is “ME”. Do you get it? You are a walking miracle and unique. There is no any other “YOU” that will ever exist. God who is our Father created YOU and I in His Own Image. So, we have His likeness. “let this sink in your mind”

Most of the times, self-doubt is a consequent of fear. I had to push myself to do those things that I feared most. Take a moment and think of the things you fear? What comes in your mind? We think of the outcome as a negative result, right? Overcome your fear by doing the things you fear most often. Take the skills you need to gain more self-confidence.

For my case, I realised how the opinion of others influenced my ability of living my purpose. For instance, the teachers confirmed it to me that I was not better than the student who scored 90% in one subject, just because I scored slightly above the average. So, I ended up striving to be what others expected me to be, which made me start looking for my purpose in the world.

Your purpose is your calling and it is the answer to what you feel passionate about. This can only be found in YOU and not in the world! “what do you feel passionate about?”

Don’t let this destructive feeling about yourself, hold you back from living the full expression of your great self!

I love you,
yours Grace

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Out Of A Pit-Hole – Hope Is My New Name!

I will just leave this part of my story here and I believe I will inspire you for a moment, if not for the rest of your life.

I am a class seven school dropout and a mother of four pretty kids. I wished life could be different and could have given me a chance to at least get some curriculum qualifications.

I am now thirty-three years young; do I still have the chances of a qualification? We will see at the end of my story.

I was twelve years when everything in my life turned upside down. My mum had gone through a divorce and she couldn’t afford my school fees any longer. For the love of my other four siblings, and I being the first born, my mum asked me if I could drop out of school and go get a job, in order to give her a financial support.

Mummies are human-beings we do trust the most, and as innocent as I was at an age of twelve, I agreed with her. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a messed-up life.

The chances of getting a job in the village we lived in were very slim, so, I relocated to my aunt in a bigger city with wider job opportunities. At an age of thirteen I had my first job as a house helper. “Is this not what you call child abuse today?”

How does it feel to be a teenager? I can’t remember myself going through this stage. It is like I jumped from childhood to adulthood. There was no time to discuss with my mum the changes that we’re happening, with and in my body. I mean, why were these two things on my chest growing bigger and bigger and why did I have to fight with acne? Why was this monthly bleeding at times so painful and messy? “I am sure you can picture it, if you are a woman. ”

My “Whys” went unanswered and by the age of seventeen I was already pregnant with my first kid. There is nothing I knew about parenthood nor womanhood. But I was determined to bare this child. The father of my baby seemed to be supportive and that is what this insecure young girl was longing for.

My gentleman by then decided that we should relocate from the city, to his village. This was miles away from my own village. There I was, pregnant in a strange world and married at seventeen. Moment, I was to adjust in being pregnant, marriage life and learn how to trust my new community.

Unfortunately, things became more difficult and I was in a pit-hole. The man I thought was good enough for me turned to be a beast in a human body. My days were made of struggles for survival and my nights were full of tears and pain.  I guess I was too young to understand everything.

Not only was I surrounded with alcoholics but the man I lived with was also an alcoholic. He provided nothing for his family, which was now made of three kids. (Mind you, between the age of seventeen and twenty-two, I had three kids already) Working hard and doing tough jobs were normal for me, because I had started doing them since I was twelve. So, if this was the only issue, I would be okay living with it.

Regardless of what this monster did to me, I still stayed with him. He got mad over things that either didn’t exist or literally made no sense. He could beat me – drunken beatings, of course – and then forced me to sex.  That pain was unbearable!

Are children made out of love? If yes, I am so sorry to say that two of my kids were as a result of a violence sex.  (Allow me not to go into details now, because there are more disgusting things that I need to explore, but in another chapter)

For me, survival is a gift from God. I still can’t understand why my heart did not strike pumping.

After seven years of not being able to raise a voice, I was able to finally escape, with my seven-month old kid on my back.

Let us together shout out “freedom!”

Oh no, don’t shout it so loud because I even got deeper into my pit-hole.  I wish I have the best words to explain my frustrations. I was so waiting to embrace my family again, after seven years of separation. A shock hit me when I saw my mum. She was no longer the woman I knew. My mum had turned to be a ‘hazardous drinker’ and exchanged men now and then.

I would have liked to have a direct explanation from God why my life was so a disaster. There was no a welcome-back home hug from a caring mother. Instead, she saw me and my baby as a problem, since she was going to provide for two more people in the family.

You see, I had escaped alive from a drunkard community with the hopes of a new beginning. But there I was, in an unsafe and insecure compound again.

If there is a time I thought that God was not real, it was that time.

This is how I even fell to the deepest corner of my pit-hole: I am now twenty-two years of age. I left my village to go and look for green pastures in the same city, that I had met the man who abused me for seven good years. I didn’t have another choice but to leave my baby with my every day drunkard mum.

To make the long story short, I met a good family, which offered me the chance to live with them as I helped them with some housework, and they paid me thirty Euros a month. This was a damn good deal for me. At least I could send mum money for the care of my baby.

In the meantime, I had made some friends and we would hook up over the weekends. Their life seemed to be so easy and enjoyable. I wished I could have such a life. Money was not a problem for them.

I once gathered the courage to ask them what they did, to have such a beautiful life. “My friends” were honest enough to show me how, and the kind of job they were doing. So, I was introduced to a new job.

Now I had to make a choice. A pay of thirty Euros in a month or thirty Euros in a night? Although I am a class seven-drop out, this was a simple mathematic.  I resigned my monthly job and engaged myself into prostitution.

Was life now giving me a cupcake??

Of course, no, this was the dirtiest and the hardest job I ever did. I was again in the hands of uncaring men with a lot of mistreatments, forced sex for money, pain and harassments, sometimes even without a pay.

….to be continued….

Please don’t pity me. Whatever happened has happened. Right now, I am out of a pit-hole, under the shelter of God and a loving caring man on my side. Every struggle and pain that I have gone through has made my heart stronger.

This is my wish from you: please help me to pray, help me to learn how to completely forgive. I feel I still have issues with forgiveness. Also help me to pray for my mum – who is today as I write my story, – sited in the jail. Include my siblings in your prayers. God is guiding me and giving me the strength and grace to move forward.

One last word from me. Love your past, it has contributed to the person you became today. Write your story, this has helped me heal a part of my broken heart.

Do I still have the chance to get an academic qualification?

Thank you,
yours “Hope is my new name”

–  narrated by “hope is my new name” – composed by Grace A.

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Our Fourteenth Anniversary.

Hallo readers,

Today marks the 14th year of my marriage. I don’t believe in a flying time, but this time around I do!

My first and foremost gratitude and credit goes to God for turning our marriage into a beautiful mess. We’ve together, during these fourteen years experienced –  laughter, sadness, disappointments, success, frustrations, happiness and the list goes on and on. In short, our marriage is not perfect and it is far from being perfect.

However, I can confidently tell you that I am married to my best friend, my prayer-partner, my business-partner and to the man of my dreams. I could go on and on but instead, I want to share with you some of the principles that have helped us stay together. This could help change your own marriage.

1. Marriage is hard: Yes, it is. Every good thing in life is worth fighting for. I prefer saying marriage is challenging rather than hard. For the last fourteen years we have learned a lot from each other and about each other. “School-time was never a paradise either, so is marriage too”. We have known each other better and we have seen our imperfections. Both of you are responsible for working hard to see that your marriage works.

2. For some years back, we had put God in the stores and we picked HIM up when the TSUNAMIS came up in our marriage. This is one of the worst things you can ever do to your marriage. Your enemy takes advantages of this. Those were years of a stagnant marriage, full of stress and hurting each other.  When we allowed God to lead in our marriage, we started experiencing breakthroughs and blessings after blessings. My advice to any wife reading this: prayer is a tool that every wife should owe and apply it on daily basis! It has helped me strengthen my hero and my marriage as well.

3. Would you agree with me, if I said that a poor communication is one of the top-iest reason that is breaking down marriages? Just one word used wrongly and you can cause a deep emotional pain.
At times it felt like I had married the wrong person. We had to learn how to communicate with each other. Otherwise some breakdown prognoses were in progress.  Words have got the power to either build or destroy. Work on an excellent communication in your marriage. Today I have learnt to listen, and to think twice before I respond.

4. Togetherness does miracles. You both become one after you marry. When we understood this one here, each one of us exhaled “their” life and inhaled “our” life. Everything became “ours”. Spend time together and change your ways of thinking. Think like a married person, you are no longer single!

5. Supporting each other: We are not in a competition with each other. We support each other to be the best version of ourselves. We exchange words of encouragement as well as criticising each other privately. Criticising your partner in public makes them feel inferior. DO IT WHEN YOU ARE JUST THE TWO OF YOU!

These are my top five of the many principles that have helped us stay together.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t fight. We do disagree and argue on some issues, but we don’t let the sun to set down before we have discussed and solved the matter. I do hope that you can get value out of this blog and get your marriage transformed.

Don’t let money or material things be the reason as to why you married. All these things will vanish and fade away. But real love and friendship will last forever.

Happy 14th anniversary to us, you are all invited to our 100th anniversary.

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I love you,
yours Grace

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This is one of the greatest saying that always look like the earth in my life, my teachers said the earth goes round. Jer29;11 Being the torch to a life I’ve lived. Each day as the sun rises when am on a high note I say,”This is the day that the lord has made “kneel besides my bed and be thankful not forgetting the lows have been many  especially when I have given up on God but even in such a time I need him more and though it’s the time I have sinned most He still says in His word “come let us reason together even if my sins are as red as crimson he shall make me white as snow. “This words come easy now when I decide to breakdown those points in years.


Birth is one event where only a mother can explain better so when one is told you were born on such a date you believe. October 14th 1994 I was born it was also at 10:00pm  where a great heron in Karatina had gone to be with the maker. My mum says it was one of the best and worst nights for her, her boss was murdered and a daughter was born. She said my name was Eve meaning “life.”

A child grows at any one point, goes to school and that is the beginning of her life. I attended one of the best schools my parents would afford, however they could not understand why I could keep on falling and in school teachers would keep watch.

The part I can now remember pictures are still fresh even in adult hood is a part where a pastor had to have sex with me for days and I was told not to open my mouth. This went on for months and it happened in church. Forced to touch another girls parts and also my private part as he watched was one inhuman thing one could ever do to a kid.

Do rapists ever think of the future of a kid? I really got to answer to date. One Sunday morning I decided to tell my mum and the look on her face was that of a worried person. Perhaps at the back of her mind she asked herself many questions of how unprotective she had been of her daughter. This is a reaction of every parent if they would find out something bad happened to their kid without their knowledge.

I decide to be strong and told my mum am okay but in myself I still recalled the pain and I still do to date and it gets worse when a man I am with offends me and all I see of him is that image of the rapist silence helps and checking on them once in a while because I understand we are all human we will keep on offending one another.

Getting out of town to the upcountry is what my parents saw was good for me after reporting the case and the policemen would say this is a scam to make the pastor suffer and spoil his name. God gives the best justice I would say.


Education had to go on in the upcountry where I got very caring teachers and for the first time I knew how to write and started performing. The picture of what had happened seemed gone now. Comming from a Christian background in school I would now read for them the Bible and give people hope. I now became the one to lead choruses every morning at the assembly.

In class four I started having this phobia I would not seat next to a guy I would shake terribly. This was so uncomfortable and brought my esteem down. I now wouldn’t play for me not to see a guy but I made sure I talked when I was needed to especially where there was a crowd I was so active. This went on until I completed primary school. At this time the only form of comfort was masterbation with it I would sleep comfortably. This had developed from the act I was told to touch my private parts and this was exciting to the body despite not knowing what that was. Teachers then were not open of that again who would think a young rural kid would know something like that.

On completing class 8 there was this C.R.E teacher whom we used to give milk. This day I helped my brother take the milk. What the teacher would do was lock me in his house take a condom and now was ready to use it on me.I had never seen a condom that was the first time. Fear was written all over my face tears rolled the photo of the rapist again. My brother came to check where I was and on the knock of the door I knew I was well I went out and never turned back.

Men were cruel to me and a beast they looked. Everyman I saw except from family members they were rapists to me.


Here life was at least to me I would not be seeing men it was me masterbation and God. Here I cried to God when I Knew what I had been doing was masterbation to help me stop. I would stop for weeks and then back when I was stressed up. I used to try fast for this to no avail. I took it to be a part of me.

I couldn’t concentrate in any lesson a man would be teaching am lucky I didn’t get an E in any of them. All this time for my four years I never talked to any guy and at a distance if I would see one I would cry why tears rolled I didn’t know to date.

I was made a prefect I say this made me not turn into lesbianism in school. God still loved me now I see despite all I had been through. I was harsh and reserved, often loved silence and would force my class to be silent even in weekends’ was not that social and mostly in self-pity when alone. I really hated myself because I knew I was not a virgin and the fact I wouldn’t quit masterbation and still wouldn’t tell no one. I was strong that’s the picture everyone and goodhearted to those who were less fortunate.


This I must say was the experience I got to discover myself. A lady who was in fourth year told me I had to know how to survive. My parents opted to take me to a Christian institution so I knew I was safe owe unto me. When I went home I made sure I said for sure it was a church institution.

I turned to be the noisiest person in campus but it was a way of protecting myself from being haunted by guys. I didn’t know how to wear so I made sure I made it worse to keep them as far as I could. I was a bully to guys in my first year. Before I entered campus I had been hooked up to a guy who was so good hearted but we kept distance. Through this guy I was trying to see whether guys in campus were good. Let’s call him mr. adan, he was in his second year in University when I was doing my bridging.

He made sure our communication was okay and I would enjoy giving him stories but would never talk about me never did I want him to know my past. If any guy would try pursue me I would tell them I had a boyfriend whom I had never seen but that would put them off. I got into chatting with him so much and so we decided to meet in Nakuru during his Holidays. I wouldn’t imagine am sharing a bed with anyone but I swallowed my pride to see whether with him he would offer sex as the first thing.

He was so caring all I would enjoy was a shower with him and wouldn’t open my eyes. This made me abit secure I knew he meant no harm and I composed myself. Sleeping time was here I needed to sleep ooooh my I love sleep it should be a hobby I skip my supper to date so that I can sleep and I don’t need anyone to interrupt it. However I couldn’t sleep because there was someone by my side ,there is always  delay to sleep I feel they are taking my place.

Sex with Adan didn’t happen until 3 months. I tried to know why people kept on talking about it as a pleasure not to stay in the hostels during the weekends. I asked for it this time and he would ask me whether am sure I needed it and I said yes. The main pencil would not write in the book for it couldn’t open not an inch and I would not bare this. The rapists pencil came to my mind and I asked him we sleep I preferred my fingers and this time I said masterbation is better than sex it has no pain and I feel good at the end.

I tried sleeping and wouldn’t face him I thought to myself I was not normal he looked to my face and said baiby its fine. At the middle of the night I woke him up and told him am ready to me there is no defeat. I closed my eyes and let him do it waaaah that was painful. A spot of blood he noted and he asked,” you mean you are a virgin? “This was a surprise I said yes and in my mind I asked how I could be one that rapist I think how he had done it I couldn’t be, I thought it to myself.

Now after I did sex not to lose a man it was painful but I kept silence. I couldn’t afford to loose this man he was good though humble we had a future laid out and we would see tomorrow something I have never seen with any guy I dated.

One day I had to tell him we had to part ways with no reason but I said I had cheated .Joe couldn’t hold this. He cried whenever he would hear my voice and ask me why I had to do it.


This was where I had to try boost my confidence a judge who was a friend was there we used to talk, visit each other with no feelings attached. This is the person I had cheated Adan on with. I didn’t know this was the start of another stressing part at first sex with him was not painful as such and that’s why I was in a hurry to leave Adan. With time this became fun until the second time we got in touch the situation was back.

I decided to stay this guy was hot every girl wanted to be with him. So naïve I now was I shed weight because I was stressed. I retain the weight that is positive though. The big body was gone and now I looked younger and now had to choose my clothing.

Phillip kept on criticizing my mode of clothing and I had to change to please him or I would lose him. Where were my bullying tactics? Why did I decide to close my eyes? For two years I treated this guy as a husband. I wanted marriage so much, is that really the same today? Nah I can say.

I thought I wouldn’t get another guy with my condition if I opened up I think I lied to myself so much. I ran away from God, at the same time if I saw someone suffer I would tell them there is a God in heaven. Stress time was for the day in the evening fingers would show me my way to sleep.

It’s with Phillip I knew the meaning of anger, Though I never smiled, I never knew getting angry as a headache and cause of no sleep at times when I couldn’t master bate because of yesterday’s pain.

I would leave Phillip by word of mouth not by action when i would hear he cheated. It was getting mental on my side as usual I wouldn’t tell him how he made me feel. Pity was there for him especially when I would hear he was hungry.

During my modelling time is where I got an accident and at this time I saw how life really ends. I wouldn’t scream, I whispered two things to God whom will Phillip be left with and who will give the street children food? God was there for me despite me leaving Him. Through my stay in hospital I got to learn I had to live with a scar. Phillip got his salary and left. I was now sick for seeing him he was gone and why at such a time.

It’s God who owns my life I listened to stories of the women who were in the ward and again the rapist was back as they said how their husbands treated them. I took it my duty to serve them whatever I could and also made sure they smiled. We had to pray I told them. After prayers I couldn’t sleep thinking what an unfair world it is to women.

I got out of hospital decided am going to model one last time to help the children. With a fresh scar I went on and did it. Phillip was not to give me a headache anymore.

Dec 2015 after a miscarriage I looked for a rebound, I was to do harm to myself but preserve myself for the children I asked God to save me for. I shaved my hair and that was me starting a new life.

Feb I met a new guy this time I told God this is the last time am trying and I tell the truth to this one and if it is painful I go and make him a second rebound. This new relationship was to be a last turning point, I decided not with this one am I masterbating or will I allow images of a rapist come to me anymore.

In my knees I fell for the first time after a long time.  I took my phone wrote to pastor x a text and later texted this guy.George was his name. I got confidence that I never had. We met and started off with sex it was not painful. I can say with him for two days I gave a genuine smile but I knew we weren’t going far when communication  started being one sided.

I waited for any change and remembered I got him through prayer but never retained the praying mode.

I cried when things went astray, tried praying but had no strength. Back to masterbation and old drinking buddies. This was comforting as I awaited to be told it’s over. In his house I had a hint it was over and him talking was just a song to me words I was used off and I knew it was a lie.

It’s on Sep when the words I awaited came out of his mouth. I remembered three dreadlocks in his dreams. I never felt close to God like this day. Words that would come out of my mouth are thank you. Weeks later I lost his kid whom I had decided to be silent about. I used to wake up at days of pregnancy with a Bible and just say let Gods will be done.

His going was a way to let God back to my life, I now could express myself through letters to God. I could watch one movie all through “war room”. I look at the prayers in the book and see God has been faithful.

With time I saw God was not hearing me and as back to masterbation. I made a promise to myself never to be in a relationship again. Noone would kiss my scars like Martin did, no one would make me for once not see a rapist like martin did and no one would ever hold my hand like martin did .

In my heart I decided I would make Phillip suffer like he did and with courage I did. Getting pregnant again for him and realizing the baby couldn’t live changed my life this year and silence and living right is all I would do.


Worth the wait 26th seal is what I said on January. Masterbation ended slowly. God renews me each new day, I still miss George coz am human, he was just a bridge to finding me and all I give is a call.

At times I wish he came at such a time, this are just the plans of man Gods plan are always the best Singleness has been fun so far and letters to a mysterious person fill the gap of loniliness.Work has become a passion and writing a hobby as I read. Life has a new meaning for I know where I want to be. It’s never now about us it about I. Got a phobia of men still and I really escape a conversation that is about relationships, though I write letters to a mysterious person sex is not something I wanna do anymore unless God chooses another for me and this time he has to fit to celibacy, God-fearing and loving for him to live with me.

For sure it has been a journey of self-acceptance, need of patience and knowing am nothing without God.


-written by Eve-

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My Four Sevens (07.07.2017)

Hallo readers,

The today’s date is quite interesting, isn’t it? It’s the 07.07.2017. It has three SEVENs in it but I can see Four..

To me today is a very important day in my life and I feel a powerful desire to share with you my WHY.

Today being the 07.07.2017, it marks the seventh year since I lost the most important woman in my life – my mommy. So, the date today symbolizes 4 SEVENs in it to me. Ooh 7 is one of my best number.

I don’t have enough words to explain how it feels having lost somebody closest to you. This is one of the hardest moments to go through in life.

Anyone there understanding me?

So, like the saying goes, “The apple does not fall far from the tree, my mommy was the most inspiring person I ever met.  She was full of love, kindness and a heart of giving. She could bring strangers form the road with her at home, and gave them food, money, clothes, even to the extent of hospitality. Her deepest empathy for others gave her the nickname “Tabitha”.

Mommy, I do hope you can see the lady I turned to be.

You sacrificed your life to give your seven kids the best. (again another 7 comes in.) Through your efforts and the help from God, you turned your family from zero to hero. You are one the many precious gifts that God ever gave us.

Sometimes I do wish you can come back again and laugh with me like you did over the phone.
Nevertheless, I trust that you went to be with the Lord and that you are in a better place.

Is death not like any other process in life, that should be openly talked about?

Unfortunately, we hate to talk about death but it’s guaranteed that one day, you and I will die. People are dying now and then, and right this very minute. We even don’t want to think about it.

However, after every loss we are hurt so painfully. One loss will never prepare us not to grieve
for the next loss.

Mommy, since death robbed you from us, my life (though it took a while to heal) changed completely. I know that my life is not my own alone and I am not here to stay forever. My life is a gift from God and I appreciate living every day.

You could be reading this and you have perhaps lost a loved one. Regardless of how related you were to that person, death is disgusting and painful.

But listen, blessed are those who grieve for they shall be comforted. God is willing to heal your broken heart. Lean on God, let Him wipe every tear from your eyes.  I can encourage you with words but God will give you an inner peace that I can never give you.

Mommy, the fact that God has healed my heart does not mean that I don’t miss you. I sometimes have got those days where I just want to call you just to hear your voice again.

And mommy, my husband misses your delicious chicken which you brought with you at the airport when we came home.

Thank you so much for teaching me how to inspire others mommy.

As I make this last full stop, tears are running down my chicks because I miss you so much.
But I can still afford a smile on my wet face.

God is my refuge and my strength.

I love you,
yours Grace.

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A Bad Day Thriller!

Hallo readers,

You have probably have had that day where everything seems to go wrong. That bad day that you wished if you could rewind the clock for it to start again.

Today I want to share with you how a bad day can look like. All these happened on a single day.

Incidence 1.
So, instead of hitting the snooze button, I hit the stop button of my alarm, (One reason why I resist snoozing today) and slept further. By the time I was waking up, I was already 30 Minutes past the time that I normally report to my office.  I called my office and excused myself and promised to be at most 20 minutes late. I then hurried to get the least of everything done and decided to skip the shower as well. Oh my Gosh!

Incidence 2.
I made myself a Coffee to Go and left the house in a haste. Guess what? As, I wanted to open my car door, I couldn’t trace my keys. Damn crazy! Both my car and house keys were still inside the house. Most of the German doors are made in such a way that, you need a key to get inside again. Hubby had already left the house. There I was, on a freezing morning outside and I had to make a choice where and how to spend the rest of the day.

Should I call a cab to at least drive me to work?  It would not be cheap, and furthermore I will still need somebody to drive me back home after work. But before I called the Cab, some ideas of calling hubby to ask him where he was, came up in my mind.

My husband is normally by this time of the day far inside Switzerland to his customers. But on this bad day, he happened to be somewhere around our home area. What a God-incidence! One problem saved. He managed to bring me his keys, opened the door and got my keys.

Incidence 3.
The day did not stop there! Out of trying and wanting to catch-up with time, I drove 80Km/H where only 50Km/H is allowed. Ouch, I saw the flash and looked at my Speedometer and realised that I drove faster than expected. It was unfortunately too late to slow down. Another unwanted bill awaiting me, and perhaps some points in the black-book of the German-Traffic-Law, for violence against the law.

God have mercy on me!

Incidence 4.
For many years, I have been driving through the Germany-Switzerland border without being stopped for control. But On this day, I had to go through it, so they stopped me. Seriously!! I pretended I had not heard it well, just to get a better confirmation that it was true.  All this time, this bible verse kept ringing in my mind. “In everything rejoice and give thanks to the lord”. But moment, was God serious when saying this. How?? Another 20 minutes lost at the border.

Incidence 5.
I thought I was done with everything, but no, here comes the highlight of the day. There was this car standing by the roadside, and there was this one woman kneeling helpless just beside the driver’s door. What the heck is she doing? I thought and drove away. When I looked at my side mirror I noticed that she was crawling and trying to reach at something. I immediately reversed my car and stopped where she was. OMG this was a pregnant woman who was almost losing her baby. She wanted to call the ambulance but she couldn’t reach her phone. Every part of my body started trembling. I managed to call the ambulance and they came on time before the worst had happened.

Thanks be to God.

Incidence 6.
I finally arrived at my work but late enough. So, you can imagine what had happened to every appointment that I had on that day.  Making calls to postpone appointments is one of the thing I hate doing. I remember this one call which gave me a big ‘Bang’ from the other end. Okay Grace, breath in, breath out. In everything rejoice and give thanks to God.

It is just a bad day!


Incidence 7.
When I came back home and was happy to be done with the day, I found out that I had left some lights on, and a water tap running in the house. OH NO..

I had all the reasons to sit down and start crying and pitying myself, but listen, we will always have such days, for the days are evil. The question is, how do you deal with such a day? How do you prepare for such a day? Will you let your enemy extend a bad day to two days, a week, a month or even a year?

What if God knew that this pregnant woman will need my help? And therefore, God made sure He delayed everything for me on purpose? What if God wanted to save me from some dangerous incidences?

In life, there are two types of experiences that we make and you have probably experienced both.  An experience that hurts most, and an experience that is on purpose for us to grow and build us.  Every obstacle that we encounter has got a hidden blessing in it. Our duty is to find out what the blessing is. The best life lessons are learnt out of the worst experiences.

Are you having a bad day now? Relax for you are not alone.

Everybody experiences such a bad day. Stop stressing yourself for you can’t change what already has happened. Remember to rejoice in everything and stop complaining. A tough moment is there to make you tougher!

At the end, I was proud that I had conquered this day. I hanged out with my friends and had a great moment, laughing the loudest I could as I cherished the memories.

I love you,
yours Grace.

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