Hallo my readers,

What do you think when you hear the words LEADERS or LEADERSHIP?

Do you perhaps think of some politicians somewhere, Managers, supervisors or some most important persons leading a great number of people under them?

Today, I want you to get rid of that myth.  I believe you are leader in some ways.  Leading is influencing people.

Now tell me, are you not influencing anyone in this world?  Of course, yes, may it be your kids, neighbours, your community, workmates, business-partners or even strangers on your way etc. etc., the list is endless.

God has put you in the middle of many people to influence. Agree with me that I have won it, in this   one question. Haven’t I?

However, the most challenging question will always be, what kind of influence are you making?

I have struggled with a company of bad influence for some years. I looked around my life and everything was in a stagnation. There was nothing moving forward. I realised that influence has got a lot of power and it can be of great advantage if applied properly.

Why am I sharing with you this?

My desire is always to share with you my personal experiences to encourage you, and to see you succeeding in your life and I can only lead you to the place I have ever been.

My life was in a still stand, struggling for long to get from one level to the other. Are you familiar with this kind of living?

I was totally fed-up! I knew I had to change my direction and needed to step out of the disqualified kind of living, to a successful lifestyle. This is simple and possible for everybody everywhere, believe me.

What did I do?

One thing was for sure, I had to get another bearing of my direction. I set boundaries around myself for my own protection.  Learning to say NO and being honest to myself was a part of the process, that I had to go through.  Not easy but possible.

I then needed a mentor, somebody with a better direction. I first chose YESHUA of the bible to be my spiritual mentor. He has promised to lead me through the valleys of death, so HE must be having the qualities of a good LEADER.  Can I tell you a secret?  HE is the best mentor ever!

Who are your mentors and what kind of influence are they making in your life.  If they are not adding any value in your life, please drop them down. This does not mean that you don’t care about them. You absolutely care a lot and that’s why you don’t want to waste their time and life.

A positive influence has got countless benefits. It is vital for your success. Remember, to be successful in life, you will need other people. You need to take care whom you want to follow.

Stay focused, surround yourself with people who inspire you and motivate you. Your time is so precious, don’t waste it.

Love you so much,
Grace Albrecht

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