Kiss your financial famine a goodbye.

Hallo my readers,

Are you already living in your financial freedom/prosperity?

When I was growing up, I swore how I would work hard, get myself a good paying job, save a lot of money and secure myself a financial freedom. Waoh, it sounds great, doesn’t it? But to my surprise all these were empty declaration!

To me, freedom is not just basking under the sun on a free day, living from payslip to payslip, cursing why the alarm wakes you up in the morning to go to work, and having no time to spend with yourself as well as with your loved ones.

So what next Grace?

First and foremost, I realised that I must put GOD first in all that I do, and the only everlasting profit is the one made under the influence of GOD.

Secondly, it clicked in my mind that a 9hrs/5day job will never make me accomplish my dreams any time soon.

Thirdly, it is nice having diplomas and degrees. However, they neither alone led me to my fully financial freedom.

The basic foundation of a successful life is me and myself. I actually mean you and yourself.

Until a few years ago, my story is different and it feels great. My conclusion is, you have to advance in your skills in order to get higher, speed up the process and your income will no longer be your salary. Your Degree/Diplomas papers will not do you any magic! Step out of your comfort zones and do the magic yourself.

It sucks to be in a financial famine, right? And I am fed up of seeing you struggling.

I want to challenge you today. When is the last time you paid your tithes as the very first thing when you got your salary,  or did someone some kindness without worrying about your other bills?

When is the last time you got a salary increase, or an end of year bonus for the contribution you made to that company’s success? When is the last time your boss tapped on your shoulder and said to you “well done and thank you for your determination.”

When and when??

Look, you are not alone. God is willing to change those disappointments to appointments.

Kiss your financial famine a big goodbye. Start it today.

Always with love,
yours Grace


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Is life full of struggles?

Dear readers,

When I look back on my life I realized that in every stage I was, there was always something to struggle with. When I was a kid I struggled with learning how to become independent, from crawling to walking, not forgetting the many times I fell and injured myself so badly. Come to my school time where hardships and fighting through the days was normal.

I could hardly wait to be 18 years of age to escape those tough rules from my parents. (

Little did I know that the world of responsibilities was hungry waiting for me. Life did not get easier. Can you relate with this kind of life? Do you think like I thought , that life is ment to be full of struggles?

If you are not dealing with difficult co-workers, you are struggling to get along with your boss. Your bank account might be overflowing but you might be then struggling with your health, or you are trying to fix your marriage/family together. (Just to mention a few of the struggles)

What are you struggling with my dear friends? What is in your heart that makes you wake up on a wet pillow every morning?

Let me assure you, these hardships will always come. BUT if God is made the first priority in life, every storm will be calmed. God is everything. HE will give you a peace through the struggles, bring a meaning in your life, direct you to your purpose, with a great success through the hardships.

Do not just toil and work hard in your life alone. Toiling has too little gain and you might end up losing it all.

Listen, regardless of how tough your struggles are, leave them to God and rest in his sufficience grace. Make God your priority and play your part. HE will play his part and there is always a sunshine after the storm!

I love you,
Grace Albrecht


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Selflove: My transformation.

Hallo Readers,

As I write this blog I can’t help tears running down my cheeks. You will find out the reason why my tears at the end of this blog.

It took me more than 25 years to discover how I lived in a wrong identity. I was nothing closer to loving and accepting myself the way God created me to be, or better said, I probably thought I loved myself.

The most amazing thing is that, the person I am today is a completely different person than who I used to be. I feel goose bumps when I think about it, and don’t feel like that person was me. “can you feel me?”

My transformation began in year 2010, and when I say “transformation”, I am not talking about my figure or my outside looks. I mean learning how to love myself and knowing my identity, my purpose, as well as changing my mindset to a positive one.

Is your self-love100%? Can you explain how you feel and think about yourself?

I was the type of person who gave everything to others and I always came second. I said a lot of YES’s to almost everything, although my heart meant a NO. I thought a No will bring a lot of excuses and explanations, so I ended up doing things that I for sure didn’t want to do them. After all what would people say about me? Today, I call it being stupid. Do you agree with me?

Do you love others for the things they do for you or is it a true love, no matter what? My manual-my bible says, love your neighbour as much as you love yourself. This blew out my mind after I got a deeper understanding of what it means. You neighbour is for this case not only the person living next door, but everyone else who is not you.

It is till I learnt how to love myself that love made a meaning. You will never be able to express love to its fullest as long as you don’t love yourself. Simple mathematics! Loving yourself is not an ego. It is accepting yourself the way you are and earning yourself a higher self-confidence.

I have learnt to truly love myself, put myself first and meet my own decisions. This has enabled me to live happier than I was before. I have worked on the way I think about myself and the things happening around me. I see every situation like a learning opportunity and try to pick the best out of it.

I have gone through a very big transformation not only physically but mentally and spiritually. Everything in me and around me has changed. Learning to love yourself is a process, so start learning it and continue, even if someone else makes you feel like you are not worthy.

Stop comparing yourself with others. There will always be somebody else prettier and better than you anyway. “ouch, sorry!” Comparing yourself with others is wasting your time.

Some of the people who know me do not understand about my transformation, and am okay with that. I have learnt to say No, not to be a people pleaser anymore and I don’t give people the power to decide what is good for me. And I can’t be everybody’s darling.

I grew up in a community where talking about love is and was a taboo. I would have loved to hear my parents say “We Love you daughter”, or just give me a peck as we parted. But these words went missing. I know they loved and do love me so much and it is obvious that parents do love their kids and they don’t have to put it into words.

Who else grew up in a such community? Nevertheless I wouldn’t trade my parents for anything else in this world.

We expect people to say they love us back, just to get a satisfaction or a confirmation. Some of you are in toxic relationships because you are looking for love where you can’t find it. It will always start with yourself. Selflove allows you to identify who you are and get a better self-confidence and reach your highest potential of what you can.

Take good care of yourself. Love and accept yourself the way you are. Every day is a chance to do your best, to better yourself and become the best version of yourself.

Now, back to the reason of my tears. You wake up every morning and you don’t love yourself. You live in the world of assuming that everything is okay. You ignore everything about yourself and what you would actually be wanting to be. You give others the power to decide over you. You are looking for love in material things. You have a low self-esteem because you don’t love yourself. That was me some years back. Is this you now?

This is sad, hurting and it makes me break down into tears.

I know it is hard to get to a fully selflove state, but this will completely change your life and the way you relate with others, once you get there. Don’t expect others to treat you the opposite of how you treat yourself.

Learn to F.L.Y (First Love Yourself)

My Prayer for you: May the Almighty God see your heart and your thoughts. God, you know and you can see if this person reading this blog has a selflove or not. Myself I can’t tell it. May you God set them free from themselves, show them how to love themselves more and more, day by day. In Jesus Name Amen:

I love myself and this allows me to love you most.

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing this blog.

With much love
Grace Albrecht

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