Forty Days To Calvary!

Have you ever read a book and you feel like you are reading your own personal story?

Well, I did.

After getting my belly full with a healthy breakfast, I jumped in my home-wear and I was ready to rock the day on my couch, reading a book.

OMG, did somebody sneak into my life and wrote a book about it?

It is very inspiring to read a book that discuss human obstacles in a relation to biblical perspectives.

I am talking about the book “From the Inside Out: Forty days to Calvary”, written by Laura Ngaba Tinzoh.  This book will keep you wanting to read more and more. I just couldn’t get enough of my “own story” being narrated by somebody else. It is just the right blend of reality and bible teachings that if applied, can transform your life.

Life presents itself with a share of challenges. Laura shares her part of challenges in the book, and how she conquered each one of them. She reminds us that at times, hardships are there for a specific purpose.

I personally feel so much blessed having read this book. I am in love with it. Thank you, Laura, for giving me a deeper meaning, of what fasting is. I have been fasting almost dairy, abstaining myself from all the negativity and working on a beauty that comes from the inside. (Mind you, I don’t mean abstaining from food.)

As a blogger, I have been sharing my own life experiences. Life challenges have given me the opportunity to view life in a different and a better perspective, as well as to think beyond my little world.

At times we try to solve problems relying on our own style of stubbornness, only to find out that we keep failing. Laura takes us through the scriptures and gives us practical examples, on how to rely on God as we face the difficulties. Very inspiring and encouraging!

If you are going through some challenges and you don’t know how face them, this is the right book to read. If you have been desiring to live a life being led by God, this book is highly recommended for you.


Grab yourself a copy:

I love you,
yours Grace.

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