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you will perhaps agree with me when I say,”I find we – humans very interesting”. Would you? We have a very deep desire of connecting with others to fulfil our incompleteness. Our wellbeing, our happiness, or our security depends very much on the kind of relationships we

Somebody said, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” There is so much truth in this saying because the quality of the life you are living today, may be as an outcome of the kind of people you groove with.

Every relationship we create is there to complete a certain need in terms of socially, physically, financially, emotionally and so on. We can, therefore, never for heaven sake miss to relate with each other.

However, it is in the same relationships that you strive to engage in, that betrayal and frustrations are mostly found. What happens here? Someone get me an answer please? These are the same people you trusted and felt so secure in their presence. Now they have rejected you and broken your heart into pieces. “Hallo”. Can you now understand me when I say, “I find we humans” very interesting?

Question: Do we expect so much out of the relationships we make but receive so much little out of them? (Answer me in the comments, I will appreciate your opinion)

Well, I don’t know about you but I have been betrayed. The last betrayal that I experienced was extremely hurting, I felt awful, worthless and there was a deep wound in my heart. I could not understand what had happened and how it happened to me. I wasted a lot of my time and energy trying to understand and figure out where I had gone wrong.

A year was gone and I just hoped it wasn’t true. I just hoped I could rewind the whole story.  To some point, I was confused and was even not entirely sure if I trusted myself either.

The betrayal wound had grown bigger, necrotic and it was bleeding deep red blood. It was inflammable and painful. It was a battle that I fought in my heart.

“Ever gone through a betrayal-battle?

As I was in the midst of looking for answers with sleepless nights, I felt a tap on my shoulder that changed the whole story. It was soft and lovely with an unforgettable voice that said: “hallo Grace, I can feel your pain. My name is Jesus and I just want to remind you that I was also betrayed by one of my disciples. You are not exceptional, so consider my words, forgive and move on”

What??? Forgive?? The only thing I needed was a revenge. Are you serious Jesus?

I will be cheating if I told you that this was easy. However, let me confess it to you that it was the only right medication to heal my bleeding wound. Thank you, Jesus, for setting a good example to my life. I have understood that there will always be a Judas somewhere to betray us.  May it be in your relationship, friendship, workplace etc etc.

Could this be God’s plan unto our life? How do we react to betrayals?

Every experience you make in your life, will always contribute to the person you become. You have the choice to either respond to it or react to it.

I decided to live and enjoy life. Forgiveness set me free by giving me a peace of mind. I said a big NO to becoming a victim of betrayal.

I have found out that God has highlighted challenges and trails – betrayal being one of them – in His plan for us. He has a GPS and he knows where He is leading you to.  My betrayal was an opportunity for me to develop and grow.

My last word for you is this. Learn how to trust God and put Him first in everything you do. Judas was found in a team of only twelve disciples, so how many of the Iscariots will be found in the people you love and trust most. I believe that your list is longer than twelve. Right?

Human beings will always disappoint you, God will never disappoint you. No one owes you anything not even your success.  You have the responsibility of finding out your God’s given purpose. Stop fixing your mind, energy and potential on a closed door. Learn from losing and move on!

I love you,
yours Grace

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