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does a man/male got to “swallow” his tears of joy or pain? Does he got to hide and struggle not to cry when crying would be the only way to be relieved? Simply because somebody said that “men don’t cry?” Simply because tears from a man, are considered as a sign of weakness.

I don’t know about you, but as I was growing up, I heard this saying being repeated now and then to the boys who surrounded me. “You are a man, boys don’t cry.” Even when the youngest boy was hurt badly on any part of his body, he was told not to cry.

Moms and dads please share with me your advises. Is your boy – child allowed to cry and allowed to be a child? Tears are not a threat to your masculinity. You are still a man. Not crying does not make you a hyper-masculine either. Don’t be deceived!

I am sure that, you as a man goes through some hard times, some unbearable moments and some pain! Don’t you?? Feel free to express your emotions naturally and cry. It is healthy to cry. To me crying is a sign of strength and another form of communicating. So, cry, cry, cry, boy!

What is your opinion? What defines your masculinity?

I love you,
yours Grace.

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