Embracing The Beauty Of My Discomfort.

When I first left my family and my homeland Kenya headed to Europe, I was so much excited and again I felt like I had swallowed another pill of happiness and success. I felt like I was celebrating Easter, Xmas and my birthday on the same day. Genuinely speaking I was full of expectations.

Unfortunately, my excitement turned into a great disappointment the very first night I spent in Europe. (I will spare the story about that terrfying night for another chapter.)

listen, there is something I want you to understand. One of the most difficult things that I did in my life to become the woman I am today, is to push through the discomfort which have been confronting me since that very first day I landed in Europe. You can only experience a true comfortability by first becoming uncomfortable.

I am going to be honest with you, at the beginning, I wanted to pack my suitcase and fly back to Kenya, where I was much more comfortable. Life was so challenging that I almost gave up. You see, discomfort was and is, a part of the process of growing and developing myself.

So, as I was growing up, I never had the interest of learning how to ride a bicycle. Even the slightest thought of me riding a bicycle wasn’t in my mindset. The best part of my discomfort is that I had to learn how to ride a bicycle. (Waaat, where is my car at now? – remember owning a car was one of my top-est expectation.) A bicycle was not a part of my plans and expectations. It even pressed deeper, I wasn’t learning ride a bicycle for fun or for some sort of leisure, no! And as far as I was concerned, bicycle riding was not meant for girls like me.

Guys, it still frightens me, just to think how I rode in the middle of the night with tough and harsh weather conditions (if you have lived in Black Forest you must be aware of what I am talking about.)  Hips of snow, iced-slippery roads, rain and storms and the temperature goes to minus degrees. On a bike and with the harsh weather conditions, I rode to work from village A to Village B where I distributed newspapers as from 2:00am to 5:30am.  I did my best to see that the customers war contented but war was on me, if I delivered the newspaper five minutes later than the expected time. (More to this story is continued here: http://grace-albrecht.com/my-walk-2/ ) This and many other challenges that I went through have really forced me to stretch beyond my limits.

I don’t know about you, but all what I know is that, I reached to that point where discomfort wasn’t an issue any longer. All what mattered to me was the growth and the success I was making all along beside my discomfort.

I am not sure what your discomfort is. Perhaps your working conditions are harsh like mine were some years back, or even tougher, or maybe you are dealing with a broken relationship. Whatever the kind of discomfort you are dealing with right now, I want to remind you that God never allows a discomfort in your life with a purpose.

Don’t allow the discomfort limit you from  living  your life to the  fullest potential that you were created for.  It’s normal to be squeezed up in life. Being comfortable will only make you relax and accept your situations the way they are, to the extent of being demotivated to do more and transform your life.

My prayer for you today is that God will strengthen you as you persevere in your discomfort.  May every moment of discomfort that you encounter bare you fruits of growth. May He wipe away your tears of discomfort. I trust that God will open your eyes and enlighten you to learn how to embrace your distress.

Today I can count all the fruits of my discomforts. I have realized that there is so much beauty in discomfort.


Always with love,
your Grace.

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One thought on “Embracing The Beauty Of My Discomfort.

  1. Monicah Maina says:

    Feeling very encouraged and inspired. God bless you for sharing this at this time I truly needed it.