Response + Ability = RESPONSIBILTY

Dear Reader,

unfortunately, we human beings have a got a DNA in us of blaming others and having too many excuses on the circumstances that happen in our lives. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed satan, after they had both disobeyed God. At last “it wasn’t me”

Being in a leadership position, I have realized how difficult it is to lead irresponsible people. To be sincere with you, I needed an extra portion of the grace of God on this one. When I separate the word responsibility, I come up with two powerful words, response and ability. In short, responsibility is the ability to respond wisely, and being held accountable for your outcome of actions.

Most of the things that happens to us are due to our past decisions and actions. Mark you, I don’t mean all but most. Not taking responsibility is a comfortability with a great harm to oneself.   Sorry, but the hard truth is that your career, relationships, purpose, health, dreams etc may end up being totally damaged out of irresponsibility.

I was privileged to be born in a christian family and attended christian schools and college, and I never missed the church on Sundays. (“What a good christian I was, I thought.”) Despite this privilege I hardly understood the bible and what really meant to be a Christ-like christian. For me it was some kind of a routine and just a label to be a christian.  I was empty, and my heart was unclean with unforgiveness, hatred, selfishness, egoisms just to name a few. You see, a label on an empty bottle is meaningless. I was messed-up big time my dear friend.  This is to show you how irresponsible I was for my own relationship with God and my spiritual growth. Till that one day that I decided to take full responsible of my life, my mess started turning into a message, inform of this blog. This blog has transformed many lives.

You were not given the chance to choose where you want to be born, the names you want to be called, the kind of believes you grew up in and the like, BUT you have the responsibility to change where you are heading to. It is your choice to either blame your past, parents, situations or you wise up and get the power that God gave you back by being responsible.

Learn how to take responsibility of your own life. You will then learn how to be authentic, discover how talented you are, and your self-confidence rises. It is worth trying it.  Start living and enjoying life by taking responsibility of your actions. Through taking responsibility of my actions, I have learned that sometimes I am my own problem and that I can not change people, but I can change the way I treat them and my responses towards them.

I love you,
yours Grace

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