Review in 2017

Dear reader,

I trust you started your new year well and strongest? Did you?

Everybody in the world has a different past, but this time around you and I happen to share a mutual past. That is year 2017.

Whatever you experienced in the year 2017, I believe there is much you learnt out of it. There is much than just a naked memory when you think of “what once was”. The attempt of this blog is not to make you dwell in the past, but to share with you my take away from 2017, which makes a better 2018.

Here we go, ready?

1. Knowing God better and personally: You see, there is a different between saying you know God and you knowing God personally. For many years I was so convinced that I knew God, by making sure I attended the church on every Sunday and secured myself the very first seat after the altar. By giving others the responsibility to read and explain the bible for me. By being holy on Sundays but living a different life from Monday to Saturday. By waiting till the storm come and then spend hours praying and asking God “why me?” And the list goes on and on.  I was just lost in an illusion.   Year 2017 made me know God better and personally. I was admitted in God’s Intensive Care Unit (GICU), where I encountered the real Love of God. Guys, this is when I started embracing life. I have learnt more about God and this has in reward helped me learn more about myself. I now know whom I am, my identity is not determined by the things I mentioned above. I am what God says I am!

2. Bringing impact in people’s life: You never know who is looking up unto you, and trust me somebody is really watching your footsteps. It is my duty to be a stewardess of a positive influence. My life has been an interesting adventure since I started pushing people smoothly beyond their capabilities. This makes me bring naked truth on the table, be genuine to myself and to be the change I want to see in others. In short, it has made me develop in my persona. So, the duty of influencing others positively continues radically in year 2018. Who is in for it?

3. My purpose vs Success:  I missed the best highlight of my life by thinking that success was all about the toys I owned. Unfortunately, even after owning some toys, I could still feel empty, void and lonely. All through the year 2017, I have realised that a long-term success begins with your purpose. Knowing my purpose has given me that inner satisfaction. For example, writing this blog is apart of my purpose which gives me so much joy, because I know you will get value out of it. Never again will I ever trade my purpose for approval.

4. Self-reflection: Thanks be to 2017, that I started doing some self-reflection on what I do. Taking time to reflect and review on my personal world. This has increased my healthy self-confidence, as well as knowing that I can’t change everyone. But I can change my reactions towards people and situations.

As I take a review of 2017, I am so grateful for the transformation that I have undergone through. I have a reason to celebrate myself. Above all, I am grateful to God, my family, my husband, my partners, my students and to my expanding network of beautiful souls. You all made my 2017 a fabulous year. Thank you.

If God can bless me to be a blessing to you, He can bless you too, to be a blessing to someone else.
Trust me, it takes only one person to change somebody’s life, is that person you?

I love you,
yours Grace.

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2 thoughts on “Review in 2017

  1. Doris B.muindi says:

    Thank u dear Grace,very motivational n inspirational to me.The best thing is to know God at a personal level by fire by power in Jesus Christ. Blessings as u aspire to inspire more before we expire

    1. Grace says:

      Dear Doris,
      Thanks for your message.
      Kind regrads Grace