It’s hard to believe that we are half way 2018. Do you think that time flies? It seems like
it’s yesterday we started the year. Scary!  Nevertheless, you and I have got the privilege to be the pilots and navigate our own time. We give God the glory for this freedom.

The big challenge is: Are you enjoying the adventures of flying?

As I was reflecting unto my life today, I realised that there is a lesson that I have learned much better this year, than the rest of the years. Oh yes, the lesson of being and remaining committed to everything that I do.

You remember when the year was starting how you grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and wrote down your new year resolutions. But how committed have you been to your goals?

My sis and bro, there is superpower in commitment. Trust me. Being committed has really helped me kick some bad syndrome like procrastination and laziness out of my life. It has helped me get a clear vision of what I want for myself and my life. (“Who doesn’t want this anyway.”)

I don’t know about you but having realised the superpower of Commitment has made me to be productive and happier as well. My manual which is the word of God, clearly commands me to be committed. (Whom I am I not to obey?) I am committed in seeking God more in my life, and through this way He has rewarded me with wisdom.

If there is anything that you would like to change in your life, talk of some bad attitudes, marriage issues, job or financial issues, et cetera et cetera, you have to tap into the concept of COMMITMENT.

Another thing that I am 100% committed to is being genuine and real to myself. Through the past years, I cared so much about the opinion of others about me, thus ending up doing things half-heartedly only to please them. Horrible way of living! Of course many are the times that I failed and have been misled to wrong directions, BUT I have learned from my past mistakes. So, even you, it is not late for you to decide to be different and committed. Take action today.

Dear reader, this blog is a God sent wisdom for you today. He is requesting you not to be “Luke-warm but to be “RED-HOT” committed, all for His glory and for your goodness.

In what are you really committed to? Note it down as we enjoy the adventure of flying our time. See you in my plane of flying time.

I love you,

Yours Grace

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